Your business is unique. Make sure your promotional materials are as well. Let’s work together to craft a visual message that catches your audience’s attention. A 30-second ad for broadcast, a short-form video for your website and social media outlets, or a full-length campaign piece…use video to tell your company’s story.


Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms. Video is one of the newest ways to do it creatively and effectively. If you have a broad topic to explore, a tight focus on a specific subject, or simply need interviews and/or b-roll; each can tell an in-depth story, and each can be covered by STOVEPIPE.


Nothing is quite as memorable as a wedding day. Make sure you’re able to enjoy those memories forever by capturing your special day with a custom-made video. Simple event documentation or a full cinematic experience…multiple wedding packages ensure that your wedding is covered to your specifications.

Other / Freelance

Your band’s music video? An audition video? Special occasions you want documented? Existing footage that needs editing? All of the other stuff ends up here. Whether you need shooting only, editing only, or a video start-to-finish, a custom job can get you what you need.

About Stovepipe Productions

About Stovepipe ProductionsSTOVEPIPE Productions is Garrett Ford, a videographer/editor born, raised, and living in the mountains of western North Carolina. With over a decade of professional video experience, Garrett has traveled all over the state, nation and world capturing video and crafting stories.

Currently employed with Appalachian State University’s Appalachian Media Productions, Garrett has garnered national and international marketing and communications awards for several different facets of videography. Creativity, professionalism and passionate storytelling: this is what makes a great video, and it’s what you’ll get from STOVEPIPE Productions.